About U-Solve

U-Solve is a custom software application to determine the 'Whole-Window' U-Value and SHGC Value of an aluminium window or door. It is based on the extrusion systems available from Wispeco (Pty) Ltd in Southern Africa.

U-Solve does NOT approximate the U-Values and SHGC Values. It calculates the actual values from detailed software simulations using the 'Therm' and 'Window' software available from the Lawrence Berkley Laboratories in the United States. U-Solve is the ONLY program currently available in Southern Africa that performs these detailed calculations.

U-Solve is written for the MS-Windows platform, since this is the most widely used operating system in Southern Africa. It is possible to run U-Solve on an Apple Mac computer using the "Wine" application available on the Apple iStore.

U-Solve incorporates the SANS204 calculations that need to be performed for every new building being erected in South Africa. U-Solve is endorsed by SAFIERA and the calculations have been verified against 'hot-box' testing by AAAMSA and SAFIERA.

The Full Version contains the following extrusion systems:

    Casement Windows
  • Wispeco Casement 28
  • Wispeco Casement 30.5
  • Wispeco Casement 340
  • Wispeco Casement 36
  • Wispeco Casement 38
  • Wispeco Edge 42mm Thermally Broken System
    Sliding Doors
  • Wispeco Series 700 Patio Door
  • Wispeco Palace Multi Sliding Door
  • Wispeco Vistafold Sliding Folding Door
    Sliding Windows
  • Wispeco 500 Series Sliding Window
  • Wispeco Vert70 Vertical Sliding Window
  • Wispeco 1000 Series Sliding Window
    Shop Front Systems
  • Wispeco Clip44 Fixed Frames
  • Wispeco Clip44 Hinged Doors

The following systems are in the pipeline and will be released shortly after the full system becomes available:

  • Crealco Blush Sliding Window
  • Crealco Rouge Patio Door
  • Crealco Serene Tilt & Turn Window & Door System
  • Crealco Virtue Outward Opening Window System
  • Wispeco Clip44 Swing, Sliding, OHDC and Pivot Doors

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